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Nam-Sense by Arthur B. Wiknik Jr.

This book was written by Arthur B. Wiknik Jr. who was a graduate from NCOC Class 13-69. The book describes Art's experiences in Vietnam as an Instant NCO (aka) Shake n' Bake squad leader. Beginning from the day he arrived In Country to the day he departed one year later. The stories encompass a wide range of misadventures where the bizarre was often the norm.

From Hamburger Hill, to patrolling the A Shau Valley to the DMZ. He found he was fighting three wars. One against communists, the second against the elements and the third against Gung-Ho U.S. Army Superiors.

This book is not a story of heroism or glory, mental breakdown or flashbacks. It's the story behind every average GI Joe who demonstrated courage, principles, kindness and lasting friendships with his comrades.

The book is available in all major book stores and on line sellers.

For a personalized copy, it can be purchased from the author at Nam-Sense

For more information Contact: Wiknik, Arthur B. Jr.

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