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Class: 3-67
Graduated: 14 December 1967
Company: 74th Company
Graduates: 128
Location: Main Base
MOS: 11B40 Light Weapon Infantryman

Located: ( 15 )

Badalamenti, James F. ....... 101st Abn.
Cyphers, Edward L. Jr.
Damon, John W. II
Flanagan, Michael D. ......... 25th Inf. Div. Co B 1/5th
Jedlovec, Joseph V.Jr. ........ 101st Abn. Co D 1/501st, MACV Advisor Team 46
Jenkins, Steven C. .............. 9th Inf. Div. Co B 4/47th
See, Laurance H. ................ Americal Co D & E
Sickles, Gill L. .................... 101st Abn. Co D 1/327th
Sperry, John J. ................... 9th Inf. Div. Co B 3/60th,Mobile Riverine Force Assoc.
Stephens, Gary L
Weicht, Ralph E. ................ 9th Inf. Div. Co B 3/60th
White, Lavanda L.
Zmarzly, Thomas E. .......... 4th Inf. Div. Co A 1/22nd


Lighthiser, James S. ( 2000 ) Cancer

Training Officer
Sell, Ernest W. Jr. ................. 5th Inf. Div. Co D 1/11th, Co P 75th Inf. LRRP

Tactical NCO
Peters, Raymond "Pete"......... 173rd Abn. 39th Scout Dog Platoon

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Rank Name Casualty Date Unit Vietnam Memorial
SP4 Adams, David Lee August 19, 1968 Co B 2/60th P48W68
SGT Barnhill, James Eugene September 6, 1968 Co A 3/187th P45W47
SGT Bayonet, Thomas Wylie November 1, 1968 Co B 1/26th P40W70
SGT Bullis, Stanley Allen April 23, 1968 Co C 1/327th P51E36
CPL Digsby, LeRoy June 10, 1968 Co B 1/12th P58W18
SSGT Elliott, Frank William May 9, 1968 Co C 1/5th P57E20
SGT Gomez, Steve May 25, 1968 Co C 4/31st P68W1
SSGT~ Handley, Howard Brown September 13, 1968 Co F 50th P44W48
SSGT Hannah, Freddie Jarrel November 5, 1968 Co C 2/27th P39W21
SGT Hershey, Charles Thomas November 13, 1968 Co A 1/8th P39W60
SGT Hughes, Macklin Otis July 22, 1968 Co B 2/506th P51W33
SGT Hulwi, William George Jr. April 16, 1968 Co D 2/3rd P50E15
SGT Lentz, Jerry Francis April 7, 1968 Co A 4/23rd P48E42
SGT McEuen, Ronald Curtis May 25, 1968 Co C 4/31st P67W2
SGT Ross, Gregory Mark June 20, 1968 Co B 6/31st P55W9
SGT Smith, Sammy Ray April 16, 1968 Co D 1/501st P50E22
SGT Stephens, Ben Wesley August 7, 1968 Co C 6/31st P49W26
WO-W1 Storey, Robert Lee November 21, 1968 1st Avn Bde 119 AHC P38W31
SGT Tegtmeier, Leslie Jon August 8, 1968 Co C 6/31st P49W33
SGT Thiesfeldt-Collazo, William J. August 7, 1968 Co C 6/31st P49W27
SSGT Torres, Gilbert Garcia January 14, 1969 Co C 1/26th P34W1

~ Posthumous Promotion

NOTE: Sergeants Stephens, Tegtmeier and Thiesfeldt-Collazo were all involved in the same battle with the 9th Inf Div.

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