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New contacts as of January 1, 2017.


Bettencourt, Anthony J. 7-71 B

Burch, Thomas B. 8-69 C

Doughty, Alan 12-70 B

Located in 2017

Arrington, Robert A. 40-68 B

Baker, Emmett E. 12-70 B

Bettencourt, Anthony J. 7-71 B

Burch, Thomas B. 8-69 C

Cook, Larry D. 5-70 B

Damon, John W. II 3-67 B

Darmstatter, Robert L. 21-68 B

Doughty, Alan 12-70 B

Ebbs, William Jr. 24-68 B

English, Terrance E. 9-68 B

Flanagan, Michael D. 3-67 B

Iverson, Richard 24-70 B

Jett, Ronald E. Jr. 15-70 B

Kidd, Donald R. 6-70 B

Ledet, Louis F. 7-71 B

Leebrick, David H. 503-71 B

Loukes, Paul E. 13-70 B

Lowery, Floyd 7-71 B

Maletto, Richard A. 12-70 B

Mann, Robert J. 7-71 B

McPherson, Glen J. 13-70 B

Michael, Larry 27-68 B

Parr, Ronald W. 48-69 B

Pyciak, Daniel S. 503-71 B

Rodriguez, Alec M. 24-69 F

Shelton, Vernon S. 508-71 B

Thompson, Steven W. 6-70 B

Zaykoski, Anthony J. 11-70 B

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